Being a Microsoft Partner for many years, BNIS has achieved an expertise in Window Software Development by developing scalable and powerful Windows technology driven applications using for desktop and similar servers to help many clients achieve their software goals.

Leveraging our expertise in WPF/WCF, we deliver applications with interactive, eye-catchy and rich user interfaces. We have extended our WPF capabilities to various other Microsoft driven technologies such as Silverlight and XAML. BNIS enables you to harness the power of Microsoft’s Window technology across Enterprise Application Development, Software product development and custom application development.

We have an extensive experience in Microsoft technologies and a pool of expert developers who are highly proficient in creating superior user experiences using Window technology.

Windows Application Development

We utilize our experience and expertise in Windows SDK and MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes) to build advanced and cost-effective custom applications and software products. We can help you with developing most advanced Window desktop and server applications as per your business requirements. Whether it is legacy 32-bit or an advanced 62-bit architectural desktop, server or design, we are here to assist you throughout your project development process.

Windows Software Development Services

  • Win32 Development
  • OpenGL Development
  • DLL Development
  • COM Development
  • ODBC Connectivity
  • WOW 64 Development

Our expertise in Windows software development consists deep knowledge and understanding of major Windows System Services functioning that comprise GUI, file system, synchronization, processes and security etc., and Windows API. Our service offerings comprise

  • Windows GUI Development
  • Windows Embedded System
  • Windows Console Application Development
  • Windows MFC Programming
  • Windows System and Device Utilities
  • Windows Server System Utilities
  • Windows TAPI/MAPI Development

Our capabilities include:

  • GUI Applications
  • MFC based Control Software
  • Microsoft Office Applications
  • Windows Desktop Utilities
  • Windows OS Monitoring
  • Controlling Processes
  • Threads usage
  • Services Creation
  • Managing Virtual Memory
  • Internalization and Unicode
  • Resource Synchronization
  • Registry Controlling
  • Virtualization Support
  • Upgrading Legacy Application to the latest Window Platform

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