Manage Your Business Faster and Better

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) simplifies your business management, make it more accurate and accessible for all the users, while Customer Relationship Management (CRM) focuses on managing your customers that give revenue to your business. ERP and CRM solutions help you boost productivity by streamlining business processes. Also, by integrating them, you can eliminate data silos in your company and optimize business processes to increase efficiency.

Our ERP solutions integrate almost all factors of your business processes like human resources, distribution and sales, accounting and finance etc. On the other hand, our CRM solutions help you manage and tract your customer interactions.

We identify the unique needs of your business while implementing ERP and CRM. As your business data flows in your ERP system, we bolster it with our powerful support system. We offer you flexible, feature-rich and web-enabled resource and relation management systems that meet your unique needs and evolve and grow with your business.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced programmers use cutting-edge technology efficiently to develop your CRM and ERP while keeping your budget in mind.

ERP and CRM Development Benefits with BNIS

  • Improves your business efficiency
  • Cost-effective services and solutions
  • Makes your business more agile and enhances adaptability
  • Quality support and maintenance

For over two decades, BNIS’s development standards cater to usability, performance, scalability and security of software tools and web applications. Our proficiency in developing management tools tailored to business requirements enables us deliver solutions that go beyond traditional management software and help you take informed decision faster with real-time visibility.