U-Tracker Vehicle Tracking System

U-TRACKER® GPS tracking system has been developed to provide a simple, yet extremely reliable GPS GSM based tracking. It can be applied on domestic and commercial vehicles, trucks, motorcycles, boats, ships, trains and nearly all means of transportation.The system is designed to produce location of the subject vehicle with accuracy not more than 10 meters in diameter.The system can be used worldwide whenever a GSM network is available.

  • 24/7 Realtime tracking for the vehicles over web application from PC & Smart Phones
  • Attractive annual packages that includes: Free Device, Free GPRS
  • Connection, Free Installation & Full WarrantyIntegrated alarm system for over speeding, geo-fencing, driving
  • behaviour, temperature and many othersEnables the management to have control over fleet timing, maintenance,
  • fuel, protecting the fleet fromtheft and impose safe drivingCovering Entire Kuwait with business partners in GCC, Lebanon,
  • Egypt and JordanSuitable for all industries: Car Rental, Restaurants, Schools, Logistics,
  • Transportation, Foodstuff, and all other companies having fleet of vehicles

Tracking and Monitoring

  • Real time monitoring with update interval between 10 to 60 seconds.
  • Location deviation not more than 10 meters radius.
  • Retrievable history log from the day system is installed on the vehicle.
  • Google®, Bing®, Open Street® & Google Earth® 3D based maps with multiple layers selection.
  • Ability to show single, multiple or all vehicles on a single map.

Alerts and Notifications

  • Integrated alert system through Email (standard) or SMS (optional)
  • Time alert
  • Geo-fencing alert
  • Speed alert.
  • Distance alert.
  • External power
  • Antennas Cut
  • Impact
  • Heading Change Degree
  • Other custom based alerts


  • Speed
  • Location
  • Distance Travelled
  • Parking Time
  • Alarms Report
  • Movement History Report
  • Video Playback Simulation
  • Sensors Report
  • Other Customized Reports
  • Exportable to Excel and other formats

Optional Features

  • Remote engine shut down
  • Temperature Sensor
  • One way or two way conversation with driver
  • Camera (for shooting pictures)
  • Digital and analog inputs to read specific data
  • Digital and analog output to give control the vehicle
  • Harsh breaking, harsh acceleration and over revving detection, excessive idling
  • Vehicle faults detection

Accessibility and Security

  • Online access through username/password
  • Credential access levels for users, supervisors and managers with custom authority levels.
  • Mobile view / Touch view based access supported.
  • Encrypted data traffic between devices and main server and protected with unique password.